Exploring without Borders

At Rove Hotels we like to refer to the unique, independent, creative modern travellers who stay with us as Rovers. We know that they will demand authentic experiences that deepen their character, enrich their memories and help them rise to new heights.We can appreciate this and are geared up to help our Rovers venture away from the mainstream and explore as a local does, absorbing the deep-rooted culture of the city. At Rove Hotels, we are attuned to this spirit of adventure, but we never forget our roots.

Colorful and Contemporary Designs

You’ll find everything you need for a seamless, connected lifestyle at Rove Home Aljada. Each apartment features a modern and youthful design, that extends further into the public spaces. Rove Home Aljada is the perfect location for couples and families, with an incredible location that allows them to enjoy everything they need for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle all in one place.

Sit Back and Relax

Experience amazing facilities at home, or venture outside to explore the UAE’s fastest-growing urban destination. Enjoy exclusive access to a modern gym and swimming pool, and make the most of the great facilities on offer in the Rove Aljada hotel. Step outside to enjoy a wide range of shopping and dining options located on Aljada’s East Boulevard, as well as family-friendly attractions at Madar at Aljada and a premium business district, all available within walking distance.

Payment Plan

Easy 40/60 Payment Plan


During Construction


Upon Completion


Aljada is the largest ever mixed-use destination and a transformational project for the Emirate. Alongside extensive residential districts, Aljada also hosts beautifully landscaped parks, four hotels, three schools, a cultural neighborhood and a premium business district, as well as considerable shopping and dining options on its treelined boulevards.

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