Avonela by EMAAR

Wake to the soothing embrace of Avonlea, where the serene touch of nature coexists with Dubai’s effervescent spirit. Avonlea, like a diamond set within the city’s fabric, reflects the pinnacle of refined living, offering an exquisite blend of serene waterfront ambiance with the rich, multicultural heartbeat of Dubai. Designed for those with a taste for the finer things, it’s where luxury, comfort, and the whisper of the breeze converge.

Exclusive Living

Avonlea presents a varied collection of homes, each with its individual charm. The 1-bedroom suites cater to singles or couples with generous layouts, open-concept kitchens, and private balconies to savour the ambiance. The larger 2- and 3-bedroom units elevate luxury, boasting en-suite master baths, ample wardrobes, and extended balcony vistas. For the pinnacle of refinement, the houses offer dual-level grandeur, complete with expansive terraces, domestic quarters, and ample storage, fulfilling every desire. Ideally situated to harmonize with nature while providing urban accessibility, Avonlea graces its surroundings with lush terraces and pockets of greenery, ensuring outdoor moments become timeless memories. Here, communal spirit flourishes alongside quiet contemplation.

Superlative Accessibility & Matchless Amenities

Avonlea transforms every day into a luxurious escape. Immerse yourself in the splendour of our signature pool, echoing the tranquil ambience of the most exclusive resorts. Wander through the manicured gardens, your personal haven ensuring balance between the city’s pulse and the calm of nature. Moments away, the promenade awaits with a handpicked selection of boutiques and gourmet delights for every occasion.

Payment Plan

90/10 Payment Plan from EMAAR Properties


Down Payment


During Consturction


100% Completion


The new Marina at Rashid Yachts & Marina offers convenient, hassle-free access to Dubai, accommodating 430 wet berths for yachts up to 100m long with a range of flexible berthing options, from a single night through to seasonal and annual stays. You will benefit from the Marina’s stateof- the-art facilities, an expert, multilingual marina team offering yacht assistance around the clock, and a host of amenities and services you will find at your disposal

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