Top Real estate companies in dubai

Real estate companies in dubai

Ways to Enter the Real Estate Market

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Real estate companies in dubai

Since cryptocurrencies entered the property market, choosing how to enter the real estate world has been added to the big decision of purchasing. So let’s take a deeper dive into what some of our Powerhouse Team Members think about it:


68% of our followers on Linkedin, including Richard Tettey – Powerhouse Client Advisor, have the same thought of investing in properties by mortgage. “I don’t want to put all my money into it, the bank would do everything, and in the end, I still have the property.”, he says.


Cryptocurrencies may be new in the property market, but it has already become a popular option for buying properties worldwide.

“I’d go for crypto since it is a thing right now but surely cash if I had to invest in deals for renovation,” says Elisabeth Leston – Powerhouse Interior Designer

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Even with the new form of currencies being introduced, cash is still the top option when investing in real estate. 

As Richard Crossley – Powerhouse Sales Director, says, “it’s obvious that the crypto is in hype at the moment, but it is too volatile. Secondly, cash is king; cash always gets the best discount, and interest rates increase in mortgage but are still cheap, so I’d use all my hard-earned cash in the bank or a cheaper option to use the bank’s money.”

Cash is the best option because it’s not as volatile as crypto, but compared to mortgage, “it’s always easier to deal in cash”, says Harris Hiscoe – Powerhouse Client Advisor


James Nevitt – Powerhouse Head of Training, says, “My best advice would be not to invest in a volatile market with something else which is also volatile. So I’d not invest in properties with crypto since crypto is volatile and the property market can be volatile.”


“Properties don’t die; they get sick and recover. If you have the cash to invest, don’t let it sit in the bank. Invest in something where you can get capital gain but also get a long-term return on investment.”, he added.

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