Top Real estate companies in dubai

Real estate companies in dubai

Top 3 Reasons why 87% of Real Estate Agents Fail

Real estate companies in dubai

Limited knowledge of Lead Generation and Poor Marketing

Marketing is crucial to any business, and most agents don’t market themselves enough, or worse, they lack the resources they need. You may have the best listings and the most experience in the city, but if you don’t put yourself and your listings out there targeting the right audience, you’ll have a hard time closing deals.

Failing to Follow Up with Clients

Most agents think that the work stops when the deal is done. What happens is that they miss the opportunity to work with those clients again. Building professional relationships with your clients sets you apart from your competition because you aim to add value, not just sell properties and take their money. Provide all the knowledge and support your client may need because most successful realtors can attest that big money is in long-term relationships and repeat businesses.

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Lacking a Career Plan

Consistency can help you achieve results, but having no plan leaves room for unproductivity which sets you up for failure. As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.”. Relying solely on your motivation to work hard can make your workflow unpredictable. So having plans can keep you on track and can give you a better view of where you are in your success journey. This is also a big help so you can make feasible steps to achieve them and keep realistic expectations of yourself to avoid burning out.

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