Top Real estate companies in dubai

Real estate companies in dubai

Russian Investors’​ take on the Dubai Real Estate Market

Real estate companies in dubai

The number of Russian investments in international real estate at the end of 2021 climbed by 61% compared to 2020. This trend is still strengthening in 2022, despite significant changes from the Russian government.


Last March 2022, the Russian Federation set new rules for monetary transactions regarding any foreign assets. In this new Decree, Russian citizens are not restricted from investing in property abroad in nations that still cooperate with Russia under the “normal” economic system.


Why does the UAE stand out as the best option for Russians?

The simple answer is that the UAE government does not impose an annual property tax. Other than the registration state charge, there are no additional fees to be considered while finalizing a purchase agreement.


On average, foreign investors can save between 30% and 70% when purchasing real estate compared to other regions. To top the benefits off, with a minimum purchase of 272,000 USD, they can obtain a residence visa. In this regard, the UAE is ready to offer many options at favorable prices with unbeatable advantages.

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