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Indian Man who owns 22 units in Burj Khalifa

Indian Man who owns 22 units in Burj Khalifa

It would be impressive to own one unit in the world’s tallest building. But to say you own 22, that would be difficult to believe, wouldn’t it? You better believe it. George V. Nereaparambil, an Indian businessman, owns more than half of the 900 units in the Burj Khalifa.”

He is known to be one of the building’s largest private owners, but he vows he won’t stop at 22. “I’ll buy more if I find a decent offer. I am a dreamer who never ceases to dream “From one of his 49th-story residences in the renowned Dubai landmark, he tells Khaleej Times.

The residence is a terrific match for George, with extravagant gold decor covering the walls, floors, and ceilings.
He is dressed sharply in a silver-toned suit with brilliant white shoes, and he is every bit the successful businessman he portrays: passionate, diligent, and humble to the core.

George’s amazing property portfolio began when a friend made a joke about the 828-metre structure.

“A relative of mine joked, ‘Behold this Burj Khalifa, you can’t enter it.'”
Yet, George did more than just enter it.
The Kerala-born businessman called after spotting an advertisement in the newspaper for an apartment for rent in the building.
“I rented the flat the same day, and I moved in the next day. That was back in 2010.”
Now, six years in with 22 flats under his belt, he said five are rented, and as for the others, he’s “waiting for the ideal tenant”.
George first landed in Sharjah in 1976, when it all began. The expat’s first journey outside of India, although he was far from a naive novice.

After realizing there was a big opportunity for an air conditioning firm in the hot desert conditions, the mechanic-turned-businessman began about establishing the foundations of his now small empire, GEO Group of Companies.
But this was not his first foray into business.
George would routinely assist his father in cash crop trading when he was 11 years old.
He juggled all of this while still in school, transporting the items to the market and bartering with the traders.
Having a penchant for autonomous trading, the then-youngster established his own small side business, making money from rubbish.

“People in my hometown used to trade cotton, but the cotton seeds were thrown away. Few people realized at the time that those seeds might be used to manufacture gum.”
George said he’d often make a “90% profit selling them on” while sifting through the dirt and sand to get the overlooked seeds.
“I’d do the same thing with tamarind seeds. The empty shells would be sold as cow feed.”
George, a true rags-to-riches story, has not let his prosperity or ownership of one of the world’s most popular sights get to him.

“Learning is the most valuable asset to me. My greatest achievement is that I continue to learn every day. Individuals should dream, then learn, and then they will succeed.”
His next ambition is to give back to Mother Nature.
George has been a waste-reduction advocate since he was 11 years old.
His next big project is to build a canal connecting Trivandrum and Kasarakod, and he’s urging others to join him in making his dream a reality.
“This canal will return to nature. We will generate electricity from whatever water comes from the adjacent forest. We will also utilize the water to grow vegetables, and I intend to section off a tiny portion of it so that fishermen can grow fish.

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