Top Real estate companies in dubai

Real estate companies in dubai

How Competitive is Dubai compared to other cities?

Real estate companies in dubai

Did you know that Dubai is:


1st Globally in Enforcement of Transport Safety


2nd Globally in Airport Connectivity


3rd Globally in Integrated mobility

It’s unimaginable how a half-century-old city has reached significant milestones that every other older city desires to achieve. So, to help us visualize these milestones’ greatness, let’s learn the elements of competitiveness and how it gets measured.

Elements of Competitiveness:

  • The states’ published Statistics, Numbers, and Official Information
  • Laws, Systems, and Policies
  • Infrastructure and Public Utilities
  • Questionnaires and Views

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Measuring Competitiveness:

  • Reports Framework (countries, cities, regions, institutions)
  • Standards’ Nature (political, economic, social, and cultural)
  • Report’s Objective (policies, regulations, infrastructure)

Dubai believes it is vital to monitor and continuously pursue

competitiveness because it enables:

  • Finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy and identifying areas for improvement
  • Sustainability and growth that helps in acquiring bigger shares in the global markets and attract more direct foreign investment
  • To identify the best practices in the areas that need improvement, based on the international comparisons included in the global competitiveness reports – usually in compliance with certain indicators, as well as the successful programs, policies and projects that will subsequently lead to economic prosperity and growth.

You can explore more about this directly on the UAE’s government website through this link:

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