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The Raj Sahni Group got its start as a small family business selling automotive parts in the 1970s. Soon enough, the company developed into a forward-thinking enterprise with operations in a variety of industries, including automotive, real estate, industrial equipment, investments, and property development. The company is proud of the excellent relationships it has built with its clients, stakeholders, and business partners over the course of more than three decades of sincere dedication and integrity.


RSG has operations in the Middle East, the United States, and South Asia, with roots in the Kuwaiti desert. The secret to the group’s success has been a careful and considerate selection of the right company in the right location.


Every business decision at RSG is made with the intention of preserving a sound and advantageous investment environment that consistently benefits all group members. Every action is taken to ensure social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and the highest levels of business ethics.

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