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About XXII Carat

Diversified business Forum Group Holding is distinguished for its professionalism. Real estate is their main business, including the development and sale of land plots as well as residential, commercial, and office space.

In Russia’s Yekaterinburg, Forum Group is situated. The holding has taken part in numerous worldwide projects since the company was created in 2008, developed them, and is now operating them. The Forum Group owns roughly 500,000 square meters of land in total.

The company manages all aspects of real estate development, including site selection, building design, handling of financial matters, and turning over the facility for use.

The company’s major goal is to increase its development areas. Prospective clients’ wants and expectations are given special consideration. A holistic approach to the development process ensures that projects are created and updated in accordance with evolving styles and trends.

The company’s first project in Dubai was XXII Carat Villas on Palm Jumeirah. It cost 1,300,000,000 AED and happened in 2015.

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