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About Al Sondos Holdings

Al Sondos Holding L.L.C. is a privately held, diversified holding company that engages in a variety of economic ventures, from the production of consumer goods to the management and development of real estate.

Al Sondos Holding, founded in 1983 by Dr. Ghassan Alkhawaja, currently employs more than 850 people in Dubai alone. In addition to its primary activity of real estate development, the Holding also offers industrial services to third parties and runs its own real estate brokerage, sales, and property management companies. With projects in the works in additional Middle Eastern and CIS nations, Al Sondos Holding is adapting its Dubai formula for success to other markets both domestically and globally.


Our businesses are designed for how people live now. Our projects are frequently differentiated by innovative collaborations with internationally famous architects, designers, and artists to produce housing developments that are actually urban icons. With substantial donations and community support of arts and culture activities, it shows its dedication to art, design, and culture outside of its physical structures.

The enhancement of the standard of living in the areas we serve is our one and primary goal. We achieve this by taking the lead in industries with significant economic impact on the country, in which the Group of our Companies delivers a special set of talents. We must therefore expand quickly in our chosen business sectors.

Our tradition of giving back to society what we are able inspires confidence in the community, among customers, employees, and suppliers. The formalization of the high standards of conduct demanded of employees and businesses continues to strengthen this legacy.

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